Cheering Costly Obedience

This week I encouraged two young friends to pursue ministries in uncommon and dangerous places. One girl hopes to one day bring Jesus to strippers and another to imprisoned drug addicts. They each seemed surprised when I whole-heartedly encouraged them. Despite their young faith and curiosity as to where to begin, I see God’s providence…

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We Aren’t Peddling Vacuums, Y’all.

In high school, I rarely shared my faith. I rested heavily on the freedom of religion and figured other people’s choices weren’t my business. Retrospectively, I think I was that way because I didn’t understand the gospel. In college, as I grew in my love for the Lord, I wanted desperately to serve Him but…

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When Love Goes On Clearance

With Valentine’s Day 2015 in the books and all the red and white holiday candy in the clearance bins, you might be inclined to move on from all the talk about love. And though Cadbury eggs have already replaced the Hershey’s kisses in the grocery store aisle, we shouldn’t be as quick to scoot along….

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Semi-Abandoned Gym Memberships & Strength

Like most of America, I planned to return to the gym in January. For the first time in my life, I actually (semi) missed working out over the holiday season. I was ready to pack away the “healthy eating hiatus” with the rest of the Christmas goodies and get back to routine. Returning to my…

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Come Thou Long Expected January

I know technically it’s already January, but my kids won’t return to school until Tuesday and my husband is still off work for the remainder of the week. I am thrilled to have a little extra time to enjoy vacation and my husband’s company, but I’m also longing for the return to our routines and rhythms…

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half of christmas

Celebrating Half of Christmas

I am one of those people who waits to decorate for Christmas and listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. No matter how much I love the bright lights and the festive fun, I try not to divide my celebration between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But once my decorations are out, I always want to leave…

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