The Purpose of Our Security and Comfort

Last month I wrote from a life full of boxes, loose ends, and trials. This month, I write from a life still full of boxes, loose ends, and different trials. I’ve said goodbye to my room in the wide open spaces of Texas and now type from a new space amidst the tall trees and…

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We Go In Faith Through Fiery Trials

Life right now is full of boxes, to-dos, loose-ends, and endless good-byes. Each time I take the lid off the Sharpie and scribble down a label, I close down not only the contents of the box I’m taping shut, but one more chapter of my life here in Houston. All of the plans I’ve made over the…

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Big News For The Carlson Family

For the past eight years our family has called BridgePoint Bible Church in West Houston, home. There, my husband Kyle and I have grown in our faith, in our love for God’s word, and also in our desire to serve the Lord wherever He might call us. This week at church we announced we are moving…

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Who Are You Waiting On?

Waiting. It’s a word that conjures up images of DMV lines, doctor’s waiting rooms, traffic, for sale signs in front yards, and bellies pregnant with over-due babies. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that few of us love waiting. “Patience is a virtue.” “Good things come to those who wait.” “A…

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A Poem For Good Friday

Sweet Words To The Thief Guilty and punished, the thief hung on the cross          Wrongdoings before him, he grieved his life lost. Yet watching through pain as he struggled to breathe, The man suffering beside him offered hope and relief. + He’d laughed with the others as the Nazarene bled, Whips…

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Cheering Costly Obedience

This week I encouraged two young friends to pursue ministries in uncommon and dangerous places. One girl hopes to one day bring Jesus to strippers and another to imprisoned drug addicts. They each seemed surprised when I whole-heartedly encouraged them. Despite their young faith and curiosity as to where to begin, I see God’s providence…

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